Hi - I'm Luke Eaton. I empower recruiters with data


My Story

For the past twelve years, I have helped scaling tech companies to grow.

I stand up their Talent Acquisition function with the most effective tools, systems and best practices. I manage recruitment teams and coach recruitment leaders, empowering them to be more data-driven.

Now I also coach and mentor recruiters through my weekly newsletter and online courses.

When I'm not nerding out over recruitment, you'll find me at home in Edinburgh with my beautiful wife and two children... or in front of my barbecue with some music and a frosty beverage.

I write about six topics that will help recruiters turbo charge their career.


Recruitment Data

Learn how to track and utilise your own recruitment data to make more hires with less effort.

Process Improvement

Apply advanced process improvement concepts like LEAN and the theory of constraints to your recruitment process

Leadership Training

Build the skills of a recruitment leader with industry recognised leadership styles, and how to apply them as a recruiter.

Project Management

Learn and apply industry recognised project management methodologies to your recruitment function.

Recruitment Operations

Gain a deeper understanding of the value of RecOps and modern recruiter enablement.


Communicate in a way that will build credibility. Learn to speak so CEOs will stop and listen.

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