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Hi, I'm Luke Eaton. I empower recruiters with data. 


What do I do?

- I embed into cool tech companies and stand up their Talent Acquisition function, making it truly data driven, ensuring the lowest level of effort and cost to make a hire.

- I make sure that talent isn't a blocker to your growth or investment milestones.

How do I do it?

- Implementing the best tools, systems, processes and best practices that will reduce the level of effort to make a hire, then scale up those processes.

What do I not do?

- Throw huge amounts of manual effort and human capital at your scaling phase.

What do I do for recruiters?

- I coach and mentor on best practices, data driven talent acquisition and recruitment leadership.

How much does that cost?

- 0 dollars and 0 cents.

- For recruiters, I'm happy to jump on a call and chat any time. I really enjoy the conversations and I often learn a lot too. The only limiting factor is my time.

What will I be talking about this year?

- LEAN Recruitment.
- How to do more with less.
- Using data driven insights to reduce the level of effort to hire.
- Probably bang on about continuous improvement and bottlenecks.

So that's me. If you have found my content valuable in the past, I'm so so glad. I thought there would be about 12 recruitment nerds that would dig my work, so 10,000+ followers is a dream come true!


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